Levels of instuction

Primary classes are for kids new to dancing under the age of 6. Here they will learn the foundation of highland dancing. Beginner and Novice classes are for dancers of all ages who are new to highland dancing, whether you want to compete or dance just for fun and exercise. Here you will learn the traditional highland dances; Fling, Sword, Seann Triubhas, Lilt and Flora McDonald’s Fancy. We will work on learning the steps to the dances as well as the proper technique. Intermediate and Premier classes are for competitive dancers who have reached these levels.

What to wear

You should come to class wearing shorts and knee socks or tights. Yoga pants or loose jogging pants should not be worn as they may interfere with footwork. Highland Dance shoes, called ghilliles, are recommended but not obligatory. Any soft-soled dance shoe may be worn.